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Curtain Cleaning in Eastcote, Hillingdon HA4

Curtains can accumulate quite a lot of dust over their lifespan, if not cleaned on a regular basis it can cause respiratory issues and even lead to asthma development. Even when cleaned regularly, there are just some things that only a thoroughly professional service like Local Cleaners Eastcote Ltd. can remove. We specialize in the removal of stains, bad odours and even the treatment of slight discoloration in an environmentally and family safe manner.

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Benefits of Curtain Cleaning Service:

Drapery cleaningNot only do we clean your curtains spotless, but we also treat other common and not so common conditions with the same professional mentality, guaranteeing a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Professional cleaning will give you:

  • Thoroughly cleaned textiles
  • No dust or grime in the fibers
  • Complete odour removal
  • Colour rejuvenation and protection
  • Fresh smelling curtains and blinds

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Service Details and Information

To cover the treatment of every possible curtain material, we use several proven methods that not only successfully deal with staining, dust accumulation and discoloration but also do it with no chance of textile ripping, shrinkage or damage. Depending on the condition, age and kind of curtains you have, our professionals will use:

Dry cleaning – is a particularly good treatment to use as it utilizes a fine dust that is gentle to the fibers and textiles. No moisture or heat are present during the cleaning process meaning that it can be used on heat and moisture sensitive materials, namely natural occurring materials that can easily shrink or tare. The dust is inserted into the fibers via a fine brush so it penetrates even the deepest layers, binding with the stains or odour, making it easier to be extracted via vacuum.

Steam cleaning – steam is a very powerful tool to use, it not only removes dust but it also successfully tackles odour accumulation and even deals with all sorts of stains. Due to the heat and moisture generated during this treatment, it is recommended to be used on synthetic and woolen materials, as it best reacts with them.

Booking Local Cleaners Eastcote’s Professional Services

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