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Frequently Asked Questions

A: That really depends on the thickness of your carpet, the temperature of the room and how we it is. On average it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, again depending on many other variables. We have air movers, a series of fans that can expedite the process, more about that call our team of specialists at 020 3746 8233

A: For your convenience, we have several payment methods – check, postal payment, card, by hand or by a bank transfer. We find that by hand or bank transfers generally work best for both parties, but if the need arises we also accept other payment types.

A: No, we prefer to finish the job first then get paid. No deposit are requires and you only pay for what is being cleaned, not by the hour.

A: We do our best to answer all of our calls and generally have almost no waiting times on calls, both receiving and giving. If you have been waiting for an abnormal amount of time (over 30 minutes) then resend the form, sometimes issues with the system occur. We apologize for the inconvenience in advance.

A: Customer safety and satisfaction is our priority, this is why, ever since 2004, we’ve started implementing bio-degradable detergents that have zero toxins and are comprised of no hazardous chemicals.