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Expert Mattress Cleaning in Eastcote, Hillingdon

As professional, we can recommend the regular cleaning mattress as, during only the first 6 months of their use, over 35% of their weight is comprised of dead skin flakes, hairs and the carcasses and feces of over 1 million bed bugs and dust mites. Contact with their fecal matter can cause respiratory and skin irritations and has also been linked to over 50% of the asthma cases in UK adults.

To prevent this, schedule our professional mattress cleaning in Eastcote, Hillingdon and sleep safely. Call Us Today 020 3746 8233 and receive special personalized free quote.

Professional Mattress Cleaning Benefits

While it has great applications when dealing with bed and textile pests, this treatment also specializes in the removal of stains and bad odours. You will enjoy:

  • Refreshed mattresses
  • Pet urine stain and odour removal
  • No bed bugs or dust mites
  • No toxins usage
  • Full allergen removal and allergy prevention

With this service in Eastcote, you will not only save time but also money on buying a new mattress, visits to the doctor and medication. Prevent the unwanted and act now, call 020 3746 8233 and acquire about other benefits that this service has.

Service Information

Mattress cleaning teamU.V light treatment – is a treatment that utilizes ultraviolet light which can penetrate through all of the layers of the mattress, and kill off all bed bugs and dust mites. The treatment is very effective because it successfully eradicates the bugs during all stages of development and it does so without using detergents or any other toxins. This is the safest and surest way of bed bug removal, and it only takes a few minutes complete. Several U.V lights are deployed over the mattress as to cover every angle possible. The actual treatment only takes a few seconds, however, our specialists need to go over with a hoover as to extract all of the fecal matter and dead bodies left over.

Steam cleaning – is more of a follow-up treatment in this instance. While it has stain and odour removal capabilities, it is mainly used in the complete removal of dust mite feces and carcasses, as to ensure the complete cleaning and procedure. For clearing out different stain types, extracting urine odours, dead skins cells and other small particles, we use bio-degradable detergents that won’t cause any allergic reactions, are safe to use around small children and pets and can even have anti-allergen capabilities.

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