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Professional Rug Cleaning in Eastcote HA4

Home cleanliness is important, this is why we also have a service that focuses on the proper rug cleaning techniques, dealing with all sorts of stains and treating every rug material imaginable. We also specialize in exotic and expensive rug cleaning, with a full insurance that will guarantee the safety of your precious possessions.

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Benefits of booking rug cleaning in Eastcote, Hillingdon HA4

Rug CleanersRug maintenance is important not only for its longevity but also the well-being and safety of your family. With our extensive service you will enjoy:

  • Safe cleaning of all rug types
  • Complete dust and grime extraction
  • Color rejuvenation
  • Fresh smelling area rugs
  • Fiber protection

They act just like small carpets, trapping dirt and dust that can be kicked up into the air and inhaled. This can not only be the beginning of some respiratory issues but can also be the source of food of dust mites and other unpleasant critters.

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Dry cleaning – is an outstanding innovation in the world of cleaning. It uses a fine dust that reacts with all sorts of stains, without producing or using heat, nor utilizing any water. This makes it a very flexible tool that can treat materials that are easily damaged by water or heat. It includes exotic and natural materials, making it perfect for the safe treatment of Persian and other expensive types of rugs. This fine dust is driven deep into the base of the textile using a fine brush, this allows it to bind even with the deepest of stains, it is then extracted using a powerful vacuum, virtually removing all contaminants.

Steam cleaning – has a more potent punch that will cut straight through any stain that it comes into contact with. Since it is so powerful, it should be used only on a select group of materials, mostly synthetic and woolen ones. It utilizes high-pressure steam infused with a carefully chose detergent, this combination disintegrates all stains and eradicates dust. A strong vacuum current is also used to extract everything, including 95% of the moisture in the carpet, the rest can easily be air dried.

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